Chicken Run Lighting 1

Solar Shack May 2014- Bulawayo Solar Chicken Farming Project

The Solar Shack in May 2014 completed the solar installation of 3 chicken coups in Bulawayo for resettled individuals.  This system caters for 12 hour lighting along with outside flood lighting for security for the benefeciariesof the chicken coups. “Giving you energy-Naturally”  

Goldchip 3

Solar Shack – Mine in Kadoma June 2014

The Solar Shack recently completed a solar installation for an up and coming in Kadoma.  The solar systems installed are part of “phase one” for the mine.  The solar systems installed provide lighting in the cabins of all mine workers.  The systems also provide area lighting for the mine.  Phase…

Chinhoyi Building

2014 Solar Shack – Ministry of Education

The Solar Shack in January 2014 was contracted by a reputable client to install solar hybrid solutions for 4 Ministry of Education buildings as part of a pilot project. These systems are now fully installed and run computers, servers, lights, printers, copiers and other appliances in these buildings. “Giving you…